Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny Driving Simulator Video

This is a pretty funny video I found.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Japanese Driving Test Simulator in Google Earth / Japan Drivers License Test

This is something for all of you people out there living in Japan that are trying to get your drivers license that are from the USA or one of the many other countries that has to take the practical driving test. It takes on average about 3 times for most people to pass it.

The first thing about this test that is difficult is simply remembering the course and which way you are supposed to go. The instructor will tell you where you are supposed to turn and what to do, but they give you a map in advance to memorize so you should do so. It is one less thing you have to stress about while taking the test.

First I suggest walking the course. They usually let you do this during the lunch break around 12pm - 1pm. Walking the course once or twice is very good practice. You probably won't be taking the test on the same day that you apply so you will have a chance to memorize the course. This is where this game / simulator comes in.. This sim. uses Google Earth / Google Maps online API engine.
Check out the Simulator and the Satellite picture below.

Simulator for the Chiba Drivers License Center located near Makuhari Hongo Station in Chiba, Japan. Well its actually a milk truck driving game for Google Earth so you have to put in the location.

Copy and Paste
Full-screen 35.656458, 140.035403 into the teleport box at the bottom and click teleport.. Will drop you at the start of the course.
Link to Driving Simulator


Course Route For Chiba Driving Center

Map of Chiba Driving Center Course and Route

Chiba Course Map and Route

View 35.656458, 140.035403 in a larger map

UPDATE! New Simulator!

Its a new simulator better than the above milk truck game. 
You still need to paste the location into the box at the top of the page
Please paste this into the box Full-screen 35.656458, 140.035403 
Click on 2D Driving Simulator (Perspective)

Other Driving Simulators
You have to paste this into the location box  Full-screen 35.656458, 140.035403

Yet again this can be used on the actual driving course.

And an older version 
 but this one can't be used with the actual course map. It is just like a video game and doesn't use Google Earth /  Maps.

Good luck with the test! Ganbatte!